DIY Wavy Beach Hair – for hair on the GO!

I’ve snap chatted this look, thrown on Instagram, even worked this look in a post (DIY Kate Spade),
and now have finally took the time to blog about this look.

Normally, I see clothes and tell you how to remake looks from the runway.
Yet today, I’m talking about hair!

This look is my go to when I don’t have a lot of time to spend on my look and need something fun, wavy, and beachy for later.

Why not just for for the beach look first Jung in the morning?
Because I live in the desert and summer is hot and no one wants to get sweaty under a blow dryer and crazy heat temps.
Additionally, I practically have a handful kids and for the mommas out there, time can get super scarce.

Especially recently, as we are having our things being prepared to ship out to Washington.

So this tutorial is great for those days where you need a quick hair look for the day and something more casual in the evening.

DIY Wavy Beach Hair - for hair on the GO!

The only real products I use is anti-frizz serum.
My hair is super wavy and colored, so it’s REALLY frizzy.
I LOVE the Mythic Oil from L’Oreal. Works wonders for me!
You also need a brush and bobby pins. So let’s get started!

DIY Wavy Beach Hair – for Hair on the GO!

DIY Wavy Beach Hair - for hair on the GO!
1. Comb out damp hair and part.
2 – 3. starting at the part, start twisting hair along the hairline and continue past your ear.
4. Comb out tangles.

DIY Wavy Beach Hair - for hair on the GO!
5. Continue to twist hair down to the end of the strands.
6 – 7. Take twisted strand of hair and wrap around to form a small bun right behind your ear.
8 – 9. Secure with bobby pin.

DIY Wavy Beach Hair - for hair on the GO!
9 – 10. After securing in place with bobby pin, do the same to the other side of your head.
Let hair dry in this twisted bun position for a few hours or throughout your day.
The double bun look actually gets a lot of compliments,
I worn it out in public many times and was so thrilled to find that the in between look was so well received!
11. Release buns when dry.
12. Separate twisted strands into several tendrils.

DIY Wavy Beach Hair - for hair on the GO!
13. Loosely finger-comb hair.
14. Tease the roots.
15. Smooth frizz. I love using a great anti-frizz serum like, Mythic Oil by l’Oreal, and apply it to the ends.
16. Done. If there are spots you want to fix,
you could take a curling wand to it and I’ll never tell,
however, I’ve noticed that I have not needed it.
Beachy hair is kinda fun, natural, bohemian feeling, and slightly unkept.

So, I hope you can give it a try, give it a few tries! Play around with this look! I’ve noticed that with my own hair if I make the twisted strands too tight, my curls are too tight, my hair is naturally already kinda wavy so I did not need any product that would hold a curl. Additionally, whether you twist the ends all the way to the tip or 2 inches away from the ends make a difference as well and everyone is so different. But, I’ve tried this look many times now and feel really good about sharing it with you!

DIY Wavy Beach Hair - for hair on the GO! DIY Wavy Beach Hair - for hair on the GO!

Thank goodness for the wavy beach hair trend!

As we have been preparing to move to Washington and enjoying our last moments in Southern California,
I have not had much time to spend on my hair.
Especially for this specific day because I had a suitcase to pack for me and my four babies
AND a handsome hubby to reunite with after WEEKS of not seeing him.
So I needed something fast and something that will have me looking good.

xo, Riva

DIY Wavy Beach Hair - for hair on the GO! DIY Wavy Beach Hair - for hair on the GO!

Not a sponsored post, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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  1. 2

    Riva, great hair tutorial! You look as beautiful as ever!
    Uh….. Can we talk about that adorable dress u r wearing?????!!!!!

  2. 3

    Loved this post! I have naturally wavy hair that I’ve been trying to learn to beach wave, and this is a great tutorial. I’ll totally try it out. BTW, I noticed that you are moving to the area. Let us know if you need anything!

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