DIY Chiara Ferragni Clutch, The Fashionable Face

The face has been fashion’s most coveted accessory this season, from eyelashes to shoes, lips to tote bags.

So today I’m sharing my four favorite S’s that will get your face ready just in time for the new fashion season!

1. Sleep.
I’ve mentioned sleep before but can we talk position this time?
Did you know sleep position makes a difference?
Every night I smash my face into a pillow and as the years pass, guess what I notice in the mornings?
Facial lines from my sleeping position. Yikes!
Lucky for you, there is an easy remedy, sleep on your back!
For my side and stomach sleepers (that’s me!), invest in a silky pillowcase.

2. Sunglasses
Sunnies are an easy trend to jump on board.
On the runway this fall, we have seen these different looks, sunglasses help reduce fine lines around your eyes.

3. Serums
We all have a skin routine that we enjoy, but may I share one of the easiest additions I’ve added to my regimen?
OZ Naturals Hyaluronic acid serum with vitamin C, it’s lightweight and promises to deliver moisture deep into the skin.

This stuff has been a game changer! Within weeks the texture of my skin is smoother and extra glowy. I’ve used it in three different states, through highs and lows of “life” that accompany relocating and some vacationing. This stuff does not disappoint. You can buy it here.

4. Salad.
The Blonde Salad, that it. As I mentioned earlier, I have spotted the face fashion accessories all over the place but my favorite is this Chiara Ferragni’s take on the fashion forward face (check it out here and here) and I have a great tutorial to show you how to recreate this look! It’s playful, fun, and flirty, not to mention, it’s inspired from one of fashion’s it blogger – what more of an excuse do you need?


  • silver or glittery clutch
  • felt squares in 3 colors: blue, black, and silver
  • scissors
  • e6000 glue


  1. Cut shapes.
    Cut two: 2″ x 1″ rectangle squares from your black and white felt. Cut and shape your felt so it looks like the white dome shape seen below.
    DIY ChiaraFerragni 6
  2. Make Eyelashes.
    – Take one black rectangle and one pin, and put the pin through your felt approx 1/4″ away from the edge.
    This pin will be used as a cutting guide and you will not cut past the pin.
    – Cut thin straight strips of felt to make multiple eyelashes.
    You might mess up on this a few times, I did, but it’s easy to fix, cut a new rectangle – maybe a cut a few extras while you are at it.
    – Then remove every other lash (as seen in the picture below).
    DIY ChiaraFerragni 5
  3. Eyes.
    Cut out a blue circle for your iris.
    DIY ChiaraFerragni 2
  4. Cut out the pupil.
    DIY ChiaraFerragni
  5. Glue into place as seen below. Make second lash for the wink.
    DIY ChiaraFerragni 1 If you are feeling gutsy, make the eyebrows, 2 inches in width and shape, shape, shape!
    DIY ChiaraFerragni 3
  6. TADA! You are finished! (Dress made with Valentino Tutorial)
    DIY ChiaraFerragni 8

    DIY ChiaraFerragni 9

Thank you to OZ Naturals, powered by BrandBacker for sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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