Givenchy Inspired Dress

I am obsessed with all things animal print, more specifically with the kitties, so it’s no surprise that this Givenchy dress (here) was on my to-do list.

This long sleeve, high neck, midi length jersey dress covers the body entirely but the fit and leopard print creates interest, yes?
  Givenchy Inspired Dress tutorial
So when recreating this Givenchy Inspired Look, you will need:
  • Burda Pattern 6848.
  • Leopard fabric, this is remnant fabric from The Loft at Michael Levine.
    However, Hancock fabric sells a VERY close substitution, HERE.
  1. When cutting this dress pattern, the only change that needed to be made was to extend the length of the skirt to desired midi skirt length; approx. 6-10″.
  2. The continue to sew dress according to pattern instructions.
What makes this dress differ from my trusty go-to shift dress (LWD, Alice & Olivia, Red Aztec) is the waistline.
It allows for a more custom fit and experimentation with design details in the future and is sewn just as easy!
Need another reason to make this dress your self?
To pre-order the original dress, it would cost you $1400.
To make it yourself, it would be approximately  under $50 and even less if your materials are caught on sale!
Then you can spend money on new shoes, a purse, your car payment, and food for the week… hehe
  Givenchy Inspired Dress tutorial


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