DIY Fringe Clutch Tutorial

I love fringe; it has a special place in my heart right now. It’s playful and flirty and it’s been so fun to see this trend progress over the last few seasons!
Lucky for us, fringe will continue to be a HUGE trend in spring and summer AND this week’s DIY Fringe Clutch Tutorial will not disappoint!

Fringe Bag Tutorial on



  • Bag: cut 2 11″ x 8″ rectangles out of faux leather
  • Liner: cut 2 11″ x 8″ rectangles out of lining fabric
  • Fringe: cut 2 10″ x 8″ rectangles out of faux leather, do not cut fringe
  • Zipper: 9″ Metal Zipper
  • Thread to match
  • Scissors


  1. Center the fringe rectangle over the “Bag rectangle”.
  2. Baste uncut “Fringe rectangle” to “Bag rectangle” together.
  3. Lay one side of leather and one piece of liner together, wrong sides facing.
  4. Sandwich your zipper between the two fabrics
  5. Pin the zipper face down at the top of the piece. Sew in place.
  6. You will need to stop and adjust the placement of the zipper, so that you can sew along the zipper edge along the entire length of the bag edge. Repeat on the other side.
  7. To make sure everything stays in place (lining and leather), topstitch where the zipper meets the two leather pieces (along the seam line) to create a more finished look. Leave zipper unzipped for step 10.
  8. Putting right sides together, lining to lining and leather to leather (folding the fringe rectangles to stay out of the seam allowance), pin fabric together.
  9. Stitch in place, leaving a three inch opening in your lining. Clip the corners.
  10. Turn fabric right sides out.
  11. Stitch ling opening shut.
  12. Tuck lining inside the bag and push corners of the bag out.
  13. The fringe rectangle should be flapping about; cut fringe 3/8 – 1/4”.
  14. And you’re DONE.

Fringe Bag Tutorial on

Fringe Bag Tutorial on


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