DIY Christian Siriano Dress

It’s love week! I love finding reasons to dress up and celebrate! Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, National Chocolate Cake day, Sunny Days, and my favorite “It’s Not 30 Degrees Outside(!) Days”… I love it all!! hehe
When I was planning what to do the week leading up to Valentine’s Day, I wanted to create at least 3 looks, each one getting less and less complicated by the post. Again, I am no reinventor of the wheel (time is money, girl!), so when I find a great pattern to alter and so I can recreate a runway look, I’m allllllllllllll over it!
This week’s look was inspired by the most amazing butterfly satchel by Nicole Lee I received last month,
(sing to the tune of John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt)
“Everywhere I go,
people want to know,
where I got it,
so I tell them…
The bag’s from Nicole Lee,
the butterfly’s are pretty”
okay, that’s enough, haha!
But seriously, no matter where I go, someone (men and women) compliments and comments on this bag and THIS ONE.
It’s GORGEOUS and sassy and flirty;
As most of you know, I’m a mother of four, so I need something practical and with pockets… LOTS OF POCKETS and different compartments. Which is what I really enjoyed most about this bag including the attention to the detail of this specific satchel;
the black trim, colorful print, magenta zipper detail, and the handle at the top – PERFECTION.
AND it was that playfulness and detail of design that inspired this week’s runway DIY!
So who doesn’t love Christian Siriano? The man is FIERCE.
I cheered for CHristian on project runway years ago when he won the competition (my favorite season!), it’s no surprise that his runway collections never disappoint. When I spotted a look from his 2016 Resort Collection (here), I thought it would be the perfect combination to show off with my newest bag! When making this look, I used the same pattern I had with my summer denim dress (here), it had the same pleats, arm length, and pockets like Siriano’s dress, but I ditched the mocked turtle neck, leafs, and the hi-lo train. Instead of leaves, I added some bows; they are a little more fun and flirty for my diva loving self (ha!) and of course, are a cinch to whip up!
I thought the bows would  add some interest and almost look butterfly-esque!
With that said, let’s get this tutorial started!
To recreate this Christian Siriano inspired Dress, you will need:
  • Burda Pattern b7034
  • Fabric, enough to make the dress and a little extra (1/2 yard) to make the bows (I bought my fabric years ago, sorry no link)
  • Thread to match
  1. Sew dress according to pattern instructions.
  2. Make the bows. I literally ripped 4 inches off the cross grain of my fabric (I did this a couple times), doing this gave me a 4 x 45″ rectangle of fabric.
  3. Next, fold it in half so you have a loooong tube (right sides together), turn right side out, iron, and cut into 7 inches pieces. You want to end up with 6 strips for each sleeve.
  4. Finish the ends of the tube by turning the ends inside and stitching them down. Iron to smooth fabric.
  5. Sew onto the sleeve and shoulder, by pinning the center half of the ribbing onto the shoulder seam and center of your sleeves and stitch onto place. I had two bows on the shoulder and four down the center of the sleeve. Make a loose knot, so that the long long ends have movement!
    DIY Christian Siriano Dress and Nicole Lee on
Once that it is completed, you will have something similar to this look, accessorize as needed and you are done!
Like I said earlier, I loved wearing this look with my Nicole Lee bag, but the satchel is also great for everyday because unfortunately,
I do not wear party dresses everyday, gasp! I should though, that would be the best. #goals 
Until I do, I will let my butterfly satchel be the party dress of the day as it never disappoints! True story.
Thanks for stopping by, dolls! Come back Wednesday for another Valentine inspired look, until then, have a glamorous day!
Shoes (original gone, similar)
Sephora (lips)

In collaboration with Nicole Lee. ALL thoughts and opinions are my own.

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    Wow, I am so impressed–your dress is beautiful! My mom is also a talented seamstress and used to make my gowns for all high school dances, but sadly I never learned myself. I also love your bun, by the way…I think we need a tutorial 🙂

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