Kiss and Tell DIY

Need a last minute DIY for Valentines?
Recreate this SOLD OUT Wildfox “Kiss and Tell” sweatshirt as seen on Lisa Allen from

When it comes to fashionable Valentine DIYs, there are very few that I get crazy about but when I spotted Lisa Allen’s look from her Instagram (here), I knew we (you and me) needed to recreate this look! Like I said, the original shirt is made by Wildfox and was sold at $105 a pop. yikes! A little too much for me to splurge a Vday look, especially when I can make it for practically NADA.

With a few supplies, you can do the same and can recreate this look in less than an hour!
Technically, I already owned all the supplies for quick a few years now, so it cost me nothing! score!
It’s times like THIS where I can justify all my craft and “it’s on sale” hoarding to my husband… hehe
To recreate this SOLD OUT “Kiss and Tell” DIY look you will need the following,
  • Sweatshirt or shirt,
  • Freezer paper,
  • Black and Red paint,
  • Pencil,
  • Xacto Knife,
  • Paint brushes or sponge,
  • And a little patience!
    *most of these can all be found in your local Target,
    I linked everything I could buy at Target and depending on sale prices,
    the price was around $21 (without tax). BOOM!
If you are not familiar with crafting with freezing paper, there’s a good tutorial HERE, I did with Hancock Fabrics in October.
If you have the skills, freehand some lips and “and tell”, they do not need to be perfect.
Imperfect is best, in my opinion.
  1. But if you want it just so, there’s a TON of clip-art online to hunt down the perfect pout and print out yourself.
  2. Cut out the detail with an Xacto knife.
  3. Iron paper, shiny side down.
  4. Paint.
  5. Let it dry and you’re done!
Pretty easy and depending how thick you put the paint on determines drying time.
I put as little as I could to get the color on but not soooo much that it would take 24hrs to dry.
My paint dried in 30 minutes.
There are so many ways and sayings you could go with this look for the big day, the simpler the better like this one, HERE!
Whatever saying you decide on, this sweatshirt look will be FABULOUS with these pants from SheIn clothing.
I’m currently crushing on these ripped denim jeans (here)!
So whatcha waiting for?
 Riva xo
Boots (similar)

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