DIY: Paintable Placemats, Crafting with Kids

I bought the BEST minty plates from Ikea a few years ago.
No joke, they are the perfect color.

I also made the BEST table last summer.

My table and plates are a match made in heaven.

Anyways, I’m always on the hunt for unique and colorful placemats to add to the mix,
and believe it or not, my kids are not so crazy about the one I choose.

guess what?

I’m not too crazy about the idea of the “the good ones”getting dirty and then worrying
about spot cleaning them every time or fearing a guest might get the one the kids have demolished.
hahaha, I laugh so I don’t cry… but you know what I mean.

I have the most awesome solution! Make some for the kids or with the kids placemats,
that match the decor and not stress about the “nice ones” getting stained.
BUT, I have to warn you the kid ones are totally a scene stealer
and may possibly end up being “your nice ones”.

true story….

DIY: Paintable Placemats, Crafting with Kids

Aren’t they amazing? I may even put them to work and whip up 5 more…

So anyways, I have two options to share for these placemats, you could buy at my etsy store, already made HERE,

or follow this tutorial…

Making placemats:

  1. I used the IKEA fabric for the front and a basic felt (that’s sold by the yard) for the back.
    Both fabrics are appoximately 55″ wide and will make about 6 for every yard.
  2. I used my favorite placemat as a guide, and made a 19.5 x 15 inch template out of paper.
    Using the pattern, measure and cut out your placemats.
  3. Place right sides together and sew 1/2″ along the edge of the fabric, leaving a 6″ opening at the bottom.
    Trim the extra fabric away the corners, carefully not cutting the sewing lines.
    Turn the placemat right sides out through the 6″ opening. See picture below…
    DIY: Paintable Placemats, Crafting with Kids
  4. Iron. Press the mat to lay flat. Taking care when folding the 6″ opening to match the rest of the seams while ironing.
  5. Hem/topstitch the placement 3/8″ away from the edge and press seams again, so it lays flat.That’s it! Pretty easy, right??

Again, if it’s not so easy to put together, or you cannot get the fabric at your IKEA, you can buy them already made at my etsy shop, HERE.


The only thing you need to worry about now is picking out your paint colors!!
Using a color palette I loved from Pinterest, I bought paints to match!
It really helps to have a reference of what colors you want the kids to work with,
that way it will look as though it was meant to match the rest of my decor…

Interestingly enough, my kids had the hardest time thinking outside the box when painting traditional things not traditional colors…

maybe I should challenge them more like this,

DIY: Paintable Placemats, Crafting with Kids   img_0714.jpg

I also didn’t stress perfection. I think the less controlled the paint job, the better!!
So if there were some drip marks, that’s okay!
DIY: Paintable Placemats, Crafting with Kids
They are going to get drip marks with their food, so they may as well drip a little with their paint first! hehe

proof in the picture below… can you spot the new stain??
DIY: Paintable Placemats, Crafting with Kids
the placemats never had a chance with my crew and look how awesome that blueberry mix looks on that igloo…

For paints, I used Martha Stewart craft paints made for multi-surfaces
and watered down the paint it could spread easier along the IKEA canvas-like fabric…
You could also use special fabric paints and they are cool because they come as markers.
The bright yellow on my mats was a marker.

Whatever you decide, use according to manufacturers instructions. So there you have it!

DIY: Paintable Placemats, Crafting with Kids DIY: Paintable Placemats, Crafting with Kids DIY: Paintable Placemats, Crafting with Kids

Try it, tell me what you think, and are there fabric paints that you adore?

I think they could make amazing gift ideas or be a fun family activity…
you know, when you have some free time from my fashion posts.

For those interested in purchasing the placemats pre-made, you will find it at my etsy shop.
ALL placemat designs are sold at a variety of designs and will be sold randomly unless requested for a custom order.
Custom orders will include a small fee when requesting for a similar version placemat as seen in the etsy shop or in this post.

Until then, thanks for visiting and I hope you have a glamorous day!



DIY: Paintable Placemats, Crafting with Kids


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