Basil Watermelon Salad

I love watermelon. LOVE.

Because watermelon = summer, poolside, and good vibrations.

Additionally, I am obsessed with basil.

Like, all things basil.

Basil ice cream.
Basil essential oil.
Basil in my perfume.
Basil in my home/room spray.
Basil in my cleaning things.
Basil when I am sick.
Basil in my food… Italian food, that is.

Then I came across a basil + watermelon combo for a fruit salad.

Is it possible to make watermelon any sweeter?

I am no food expert but I loved it! It was light, refreshing, and lifting! If that’s even possible.

AND, it’s so visually stimulating to look at with the reddish pink and light green combo – truly complementary.
I am all about eating pretty things on pretty things with pretty things, ha!

You can even go the extra mile with this pretty thing idea I am currently going over board with and eat the salad in mini watermelon halves that you fleshed out and use for bowls.

Fancy schmancy.

So if you have not tried it before and you like the taste of basil and looking for ways to freshen up a plain watermelon salad, GIVE THIS A TRY.
The recipe is pretty easy.

Basil and Watermelon Salad.

  • cut up some watermelon,
  • and dice some basil leaves.
  • Mix and ENJOY!

** Brownie points if you can make this a few house before serving, giving the flavors more time to blend together.

Riva xx

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